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Everything to know before moving from the UK to New Zealand.

Are you considering a big move, even halfway across the world? If so, New Zealand might just be the perfect destination for you. With its stunning landscapes, strong work-life balance, and welcoming culture, it’s no wonder that a growing number of British expats are finding their new home in New Zealand. Approximately 4.49% of New […]

Moving to the Netherlands from the UK: How to get there in a post-Brexit world

Are you considering moving from the UK to the Netherlands? This blog is the second part of our series on moving to Europe in a post-Brexit landscape. Use this as your guide to navigating the logistics of your transition. We’ve got you covered, from visas and driver’s licences to healthcare insurance and property ownership. In […]

What to Consider Before you Move Abroad for Work

This blog explores the highlights and challenges of moving abroad for work. Whether you are considering an international career for personal growth or professional development, we have lots of advice for you! Keep reading to discover the advantages of moving abroad for work and how to prepare for your move. Benefits of Moving Abroad for […]

What is Relocation Stress Syndrome? And how do you deal with it?

Moving to a new place can be an exciting adventure with endless possibilities, but it can also bring its fair share of challenges. Whether you are moving alone, with your family, friends, or a partner, you may face the challenge of Relocation Stress Syndrome. This blog will identify the symptoms of RSS, offering advice, tips […]

Taking Your Car Abroad: Everything you need to know

Decluttering your belongings before you ship them can be a satisfying and necessary step before your adventure begins. However, deciding whether to transport your car with you or not can take a little bit more thought. From ‘How do I know if it is worth shipping my car?’ to ‘Is my UK licence still valid […]

Retiring Abroad: Where To Make The Most Out Of Your Golden Years

Thinking of retiring abroad? Let us break down the best places to move abroad based on community, economy, culture, weather, food and more! Whether you’re willing to venture across the pond to the United States or would rather stay closer to home in Europe, we’ve got you covered. Europe   Europe is one of the most […]

Everything you need to Know about Tax and Shipping your Household Goods

Whether you’re transporting your belongings via air, sea or road – your goods will still need to clear through customs, posing the likelihood of being taxed. Every country has different entry requirements, including what qualifies as duty or tax-free. We recommend using a reputable BAR (British Association of Movers) member who are well versed in […]

Everything you need to know before relocating to Australia

1. Weather The weather in Australia is known for being extreme! It is no secret that Australia experiences hot temperatures all year round. With summer temperatures reaching the mid-40’s and warmest winters being recorded at 30c. Not only can Australia get very hot, but it is also extremely dry. Together, these conditions make bushfires very […]

How to Choose an International Removal Company

The process of uprooting your whole life and moving to a new country can be very overwhelming. Once you know what country you will be relocating to, finding an International Removal Company is a good starting point. Removal companies experience busy periods, such as Christmas and Summer – therefore, preparing and organising your move in […]