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How to Choose an International Removal Company

31st March 2023

The process of uprooting your whole life and moving to a new country can be very overwhelming. Once you know what country you will be relocating to, finding an International Removal Company is a good starting point.

Removal companies experience busy periods, such as Christmas and Summer – therefore, preparing and organising your move in advance will save you a lot of time and money. An easy place to start is with a removal company, but how do you choose the right one for you?

1. Research International Removal Companies


Take some time to research your options. It is important to understand what each company can offer you and how they may differ from one another. Before you start your research, create a checklist, so you know what to look for.

Here are some key elements to consider when researching removal companies:

Company Services

Consider the specifics of the services that the company provides. Removal companies vary between door-to-door delivery and depot only. If you’re looking for top customer service, and complete ease of transition, door-to-door services are the best option for you as it allows you to focus on other parts of your move, leaving the whole export process to the professionals!

You should also think about a company’s method of transportation. International Removers use Ships, Planes and Lorries to relocate possessions – start thinking about the method you would like to use and find out what companies use them.

Company Location

Check the location of the company’s headquarters. If you’ve opted for a depot-only removal, then you need to work out how to get your furniture from your property in the UK and to your new one abroad. Even if you are paying for a door-to-door service, it is wise to choose a company in your area in order to keep transportation costs as low as possible.

Top Export Locations

Once you know where you are emigrating to, it is worth checking a company’s experience with said company. Suppose they have a long history of exporting to a particular destination. In that case, they are likely to have very good export rates, and strong relationships, so will know how to make your removal efficient.


Consider the removal businesses packing service. Ask how long it might take a team of removers to pack up a room and, in total, your whole property. Some companies may ask empty various items from storage furniture, and others are happy for it all to be left.

Many removal companies give you the choice of packing your own belongings, for which they provide the materials. Or, items can be professionally packaged for you, tailoring their methods to various items such as TVs, Sofas, delicate furniture, and fragile packaging.

2. Decide Your Budget

From doing your research on International Removal Companies, you should be able to create a budget based on guide prices that are given online. Make sure your budget is realistic, and consider any extra costs you might experience later on, on top of your budget.

Get Quotes

Contact your researched International Removal Companies and get a quote based on the size of your house, your current location, your new location, and your chosen mode of transportation.
The method of transportation and the time frame of your removal will affect your quote – so bear this in mind.

Now is also a good time to request a free virtual survey from the removal consultants. The opportunity to talk about moving with an expert can be beneficial. You can get a feel of the business and consultants, as well as discuss the process in greater detail, getting definitive costs for larger or fragile items.

Check for hidden fees

At Eurogroup, we are open about additional costs you could incur whilst exporting your belonging. However, some International Removal Companies may have various hidden fees that cost you a lot of money. This is an unnecessary stress to face whilst emigrating, so we recommend asking about the possibility of extra costs.

3. Check Reviews and Feedback

Checking reviews on websites such as Trustpilot is a great way to learn more about a company. Although sometimes feedback should be taken with a pinch of salt, it can be great at telling you what the company doesn’t!

If there are consistent mentions of a certain serious issue, it may be worth avoiding that company. Equally, if your checklist consists of good customer service, which is reflected in reviews, you may be on to a winner!

Choosing an International Removal Company that is right for you is pretty simple! As long as you know what you want from a service – you shouldn’t have any issues. Remember to research potential companies and compare quotes they offer; then, you should be good to go!

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