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Moving to America

13th April 2017

Moving to America… Everything you need to know! With its often better weather, cheaper food and largely familiar language and lifestyle, it’s no surprise that the USA is one of the most popular destinations for UK expats.

On average around 1 million British Expats currently reside in New York, San Francisco and Florida with roughly over one million people from all over the world arriving to live across the country’s 50 states each year. This isn’t including nearly 3.5 million who move there temporarily for work purposes. This therefore makes the USA the world’s most popular emigration destination.

Whether you are moving to America to start a business, retire or move for work reasons there are many factors to consider, including what you can take, what to look for in your moving company and whether or not you should take out insurance on the the goods along with the cultural difference between the UK and US you will be experiencing. Below we have included some of the main differences you will experience whilst living in the States.

It’s not hard to see that the USA is bigger than Britain, in fact it so enormous you can fit the UK into Texas nearly three times. As a result there is generally more space and twice the average living space of EU residents. This leads to land prices, and likewise property prices, being more affordable with some notable exceptions. The USA will definitely be able to provide you with more space.

Natural Beauty
All the extra room also means lots more land to explore and see. With the vast lakes, rugged mountains ranges to ski and climb and all the wide stretching coastlines spanning across two oceans there are so many natural wonders to explore. Along with this the USA also has over 200,000 square miles of National Parkland and protected areas homing over 784 different species of birds, 428 mammals and 606 different reptiles and amphibians for you to explore, hike or ride. Safe to say that if its nature you’re after, you will find plenty of beautiful scenery in the USA.

Though America does have much more extreme weather, its vast size means you’ll find a climate to suit your needs, whether it’s the Four Seasons in New York, the Miami Heat or the Chills in Alaska.

If there is one thing that America knows how to do then it is food. There are over 600,000 restaurants serving recipes from every corner of the world to suit every taste and budget.

The healthcare within the US is amongst the very best , with well-funded hospitals, some of the best trained staff and leading medical innovations, so you can relax knowing that you will have the very best treatment when it came down to it.  The high standard of care however does come at a cost and many British expats worry about not having the NHS to fall back on. However in the USA it is very common that employers will often offer generous medical and dental care policies as part of your salary package, some also offer plans that cover your partner and dependant children.

If you are moving to the USA with children, guaranteeing they have the best possible education will be one of your main priorities, though we believe that with the high level of schooling available in America you have nothing to worry about. You can choose to send your children to either a public or state school, with certain institutions following the British or International Baccalaureate curriculum.

In regards to shipping your personal effects even though you are moving to the ‘Land of the Free’, there are still several key pieces of customs paperwork which will need to be completed to certify a smooth procedure. These include; the supplement declaration, power of attorney, clear copies of passports and visas, a copy of social security card and/or signed SSN verification form, along with a clear copy of inventory.
Here at the EuroGroup we work with you to ensure that all required documentation is on file before the goods depart origin to ensure that there are minimum issues with customs upon arrival of the shipment at origin.