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We are FIDI FAIM Accredited!

1st July 2024

In April of this year, we underwent a FIDI Audit, resulting in our prestigious FIDI FAIM Accreditation and passing with zero non-conformances! This achievement is a testament to our ongoing investment in quality and our commitment to a bright future. Not only is this a great recognition for our dedicated team and their relentless efforts, but it is also an achievement for the industry and its ever-increasing standards.

Who are FIDI

FIDI (Fédération Internationale des Déménageurs Internationaux, or the International Federation of International Movers) is a global alliance of international moving and relocation companies whose mission is to unite like-minded parties around the world who want to raise and maintain industry standards.

With members in over 100 countries, all affiliated companies are connected by their high level and quality of service. FIDI accreditations, the FAIM Quality Certification and the FIDI DSP Quality labels are the most strict and thorough quality standards for the international moving and relocation industry.

What is a FAIM Quality Certification?


The main objective of the FAIM accreditation, as with FIDI itself, is to raise industry standards worldwide, ensuring peace of mind for customers and clients. The FAIM Quality Certification is the only recognised quality certification for professional international moving and relocation companies worldwide.

After achieving FAIM accreditation, companies must comply with procedures to maintain their certification. This means they must consistently display a high level of service, not only during the audit but every single day. All FAIM-accredited companies are audited by independent third parties, ensuring that all members offer services to the same standard.

“As a company dedicated to excellence in every aspect of our service, we are incredibly proud to achieve FIDI FAIM accreditation. This prestigious certification underscores our commitment to upholding the highest standards in the moving industry. It assures our customers that they can rely on us for expert, reliable, and ethical international relocations. This accreditation is not just a mark of quality; it’s a testament to our team’s hard work and dedication to providing exceptional service and ensuring customer satisfaction every step of the way.”

– Jason Franco, Commercial Manager, Eurogroup.

What are the FAIM requirements?

Any company looking to achieve an FAIM Quality certificate must demonstrate several characteristics and follow certain regulations.

  1. “Compliance with Industry Standards and International Regulations”
  2. A company must follow the FIDI’s strict Anti-Bribery, Corruption, and Anti-Trust guidelines and also take data protection seriously.

“Consistent Quality of Service”
Every company that is a FAIM Quality Certified member gets checked on how well they carry out their services. This ensures everyone’s work meets the same high standards.

“Supply Chain Performance”
FAIM companies must prove that they work with suppliers who follow the same high standards as themselves, which can allow for better control of the entire relocation process.

“Proven Financial Ability”
FAIM-certified companies don’t just need to meet operational standards; they also need to prove they’re financially sound and well-organized. Each year, an independent auditor reviews their financial statements to make sure they are financially healthy.

The FAIM Accredication Cycle

Companies looking to achieve the FAIM Accreditation must go through a serious of audits, over a three-year cycle. Many of the reviews and exams are carried out by independent auditors EY . Over the course of three years, companies will have to participate in the following processes.

Onsite Audit

The onsite audit is essential in the FAIM Compliance procedure. In the first year of the accreditation process, the independent auditor will confirm whether a company is compliant with the latest FAIM requirements and regulations.

Internal Audit

Any FAIM-certified company must also carry out mandatory self-assessments every year in the Internal FAIM Audit. Documentation confirming the assessment has been completed and the company has maintained its standards must be sent to the FAIM Coordination Centre for confirmation. A company under the FAIM process must carry out an internal audit every year.

Financial Assessment

Companies in the process of achieving the Quality Certification must also undergo the FAIM Financial Assessment. This is an assessment of the company’s financial statements and health. As with the on-site audit, the provided financial documents are assessed by an independent third party. A company’s financial health and strength help determine whether it is awarded its accreditation. These assessments must be carried out on the company in years 1, 2, and 3.

What does this mean for you, our customers?

For customers, choosing a FIDI FAIM accredited mover like Eurogroup can provide you with a range of benefits:

Reliability and Trustworthiness: You can depend on a company with a proven track record, ensuring the safe and careful handling of your belongings.

Expertise in International Relocations: Benefit from extensive experience and specialised knowledge for a smooth smooth and hassle-free

Customer Satisfaction: Enjoy top-quality service and support with a commitment to your satisfaction.

Global Network and Local Knowledge: Use a global network and local expertise to handle your move efficiently.

Peace of Mind: Relax knowing your belongings are protected by comprehensive insurance and transparent processes.

Environmental and Social Responsibility: Choose a company committed to sustainable practices and ethical standards that benefit the environment and communities.

Thank you again to our team for all your hard work!

Our achievement of the FAIM Quality Certification would not have been possible without the dedication of our amazing team at Eurogroup; thank you all.