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Meet ‘NUTS’!

13th April 2017

Meet the newest member of the Eurogroup team, ‘Nuts’!  Originally born 28th September 2016 in Norfolk, England. Nuts would spend his days scavenging nuts with his family ready for spring, until one day he stumbled upon our East Harling Depot, where he stood in his tracks amazed at a fleet of big red trucks of various shapes and sizes… Wondering what these vehicles did and where they would go, he would come by every morning to watch the trucks enter and leave the yard throughout the day. A few weeks passed and it was time for Nuts to go into hibernation for the winter. He dreamt winter long of being on one of those big red trucks with the Eurogroup team, travelling to new destinations and exploring the world.

It wasn’t until February 2017 when he woke from hibernation to return to his favourite tree positioned next to our main yard in East Harling. It was this day that Nuts life would change forever! One of our crew members spotted his red bushy tail from across the the yard and went to investigate. After closer examination Nuts was found and he was brought into the depot, and this is where his worldwide adventures began.

Since then Nuts has explored Amsterdam – The Netherlands, Dublin – Ireland, Penang – Malaysia and will soon be jetting to Riga for the Young Movers Conference. So keep an eye out on this page for reports on nuts latest adventures.