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Everything You Need to Know About Moving to America From The UK

27th September 2023

Moving from the UK to America offers many exciting reasons to consider a change. From its diverse landscapes and welcoming climate to the opportunities for social connections, both indoors and outdoors. The American culture, though familiar due to the shared language, presents a new perspective that can change your life. Beyond its culture, the United States boasts exceptional career prospects, top-tier educational institutions, and a good quality of life. In this exploration, we’ll explore the exciting opportunities, logistics and reasons for moving to America from the UK.

Can UK Citizens Move to America?


Yes, UK citizens can move to the US! There are several legal requirements and procedures that need to be followed, including having the right visa to enter and reside in the US. UK citizens can enter the US for short visits under the Visa Waiver Program (VWP), but for longer stays or for purposes like work, study, or permanent relocation, you usually need to apply for specific visas, such as the following:

– Work Visas: If you plan to work in the US, you must apply for a work visa like the H-1B (for speciality occupations) or L-1 (for intracompany transferees).

-Student Visas: To study in the US, you would need a student visa, typically an F-1 visa. If you are doing a year abroad, your University can help you gather the correct information. If you plan to start your education in America, you must apply for a Visa with the US Embassy.

-Family-Based Visas: When moving to America with your family, each person will likely need a slightly different visa depending on their occupation (Student or work). If you have close family members who are US citizens or permanent residents, you might be eligible for family-sponsored visas such as the IR (Immediate Relative) or F (Family Preference) visas.

-Green Cards: If you intend to live and work permanently in the US, you can explore options for obtaining a Green Card, which provides lawful permanent residency status. 

It’s important to research the specific visa category that suits your situation and follow the application process outlined by the U.S. Department of State. Each visa category has its own eligibility criteria, documentation requirements, and application procedures.


Reasons for Moving to America from the UK


For Work

Moving to America for work from the UK can offer so many opportunities and advantages. The United States is known for its diverse economy and dynamic job market Embracing this transition can lead to professional growth, exposure to new industries, and a chance to immerse yourself in an innovative and global environment. Working in the US allows you to broaden your horizons, build an international network, and encourage career development.

For Education

Choosing to study in America as a student from the UK is a great experience. The United States is home to many top universities renowned for their academic excellence and diverse programs. This opportunity not only grants access to world-class staff but also exposes students to a multicultural and innovative environment, encouraging unique perspectives and personal growth. US schools and Universities offer various extracurricular activities, including sports, taught by some of the world’s top coaches.

For Leisure

Relocating from the UK to America offers an adventure and a vibrant change of scenery. The United States boasts captivating landscapes, from breathtaking national parks to iconic cities. Exploring these diverse environments offers great opportunities for outdoor activities, cultural immersion, and unforgettable experiences. The US entertainment industry sets global trends, providing access to world-class shows, events, and attractions. By moving for leisure to America, you can create lasting memories and enjoy the thrill of discovering your new home.

For Retirement

Retiring abroad can offer a fulfilling and enriching life. The United States presents retirees with a diverse range of destinations, climates, and lifestyles to choose from. The US is well known for its range of retirement communities that provide suitable indoor and outdoor activities, excursions and social events. 


Logistics of Moving to America from the UK


Moving from the UK to the US is an exciting adventure, but there are several important things you should know and consider before making the move. Here’s a list to help you prepare:


Legal Documentation:

Ensure you have all necessary documents, including your passport, visa, and any supporting paperwork required for immigration.



Familiarise yourself with the U.S. healthcare system. Health insurance is essential, as medical expenses can be high. Research and secure health insurance coverage before you move.


Cost of Living:

Research the cost of living in your chosen city or state. The cost of living can vary greatly across the U.S. and it is a good idea to be prepared.



Plan your housing arrangements before you move. Decide whether you’ll rent or buy, and research neighbourhoods to find a suitable place to live. If possible, visit the area and property before making the move.


Banking and Finances:

Open a bank account in the U.S. and understand the financial processes, such as taxes, currency exchange, and credit scores.



Get to know the U.S. tax system. Depending on your circumstances, you may need to file both U.S. and UK tax returns. If necessary, hire a tax professional to help you with your transition.


Cultural Differences:

Be prepared for cultural differences in daily life, work, and social interactions. Americans may have different customs and social norms. Despite the language being the same, there are several differences in idioms and local dialects.


Driving and Transportation:

If you plan to drive in the U.S., familiarise yourself with local traffic laws and obtain a U.S. driver’s license if necessary. You can either ship your own car abroad or buy a new one once you reach your new home.



Build a professional and social network in your new home. This is very important for settling and finding opportunities, especially if you are moving abroad alone.


Time Zones and Communication:

The U.S. spans multiple time zones, so be aware of the time difference when communicating with friends and family back in the UK or across the country. 


Climate and Weather:

The U.S. has a diverse range of climates, so research the weather patterns in your chosen location and pack accordingly. Be prepared for extremes such as tornados, snow storms and extremely high heat, something we do not experience in the UK.


Utilities and Services:

Set up utilities and services (electricity, water, internet, etc.) in your new home before your arrival. This will give you the opportunity to get quotes and find the best deal for you. It will also allow you to have an easy transition once you arrive in America.


Next Steps…


The final step to take before Moving From the UK to America, is shipping your belongings . Plan what items you’ll bring with you and what you might need to ship. You will then need to choose a removal company and arrange a call back.