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Everything you need to know before relocating to Australia

5th May 2023

1. Weather

The weather in Australia is known for being extreme! It is no secret that Australia experiences hot temperatures all year round. With summer temperatures reaching the mid-40’s and warmest winters being recorded at 30c. Not only can Australia get very hot, but it is also extremely dry. Together, these conditions make bushfires very common throughout the year. Although this shouldn’t put you off, it is an element you should know before moving from the cold and rainy UK.

2. Quality of Life

Before moving from the UK to Australia, it is wise to consider the quality of life in your new location. If Australia is top of the list, we have good news for you…Australians typically have a great quality of life! If you have a family or are planning on starting one, Australia has one of the best education systems in the world. As well as a strong healthcare system, it is understood Australians have one of the best work-life balances in the world.

Australia currently ranks 79th on the OECD better life index and rarely falls out of the top ten. Countries are judged on various social, economic and political factors; we think those statistics are pretty encouraging!

3. Visas and Documentation

Visas: one of, if not THE, most important thing to consider before solidifying your move to Australia. There are over 100 different types of visas to choose from when moving to Australia, including; living, work, holiday, and student. Applying for the correct visa is important as Australia’s border control is notoriously strict. If you are relocating due to a job, you can get employer-sponsored visas which are much easier to obtain.
Visas and citizenships can range from 2 weeks to months to get sorted. You need to make sure you have applied for yours with plenty of time, to avoid problems later on in Australia. Additionally, you must alert the UK authorities that you are immigrating to a different country.

4. Banking and Taxes

Get to know Australia’s banks and tax processes before leaving the UK. You need to talk with your current banks and find out the easiest and most efficient way to transfer your money. You may be able to keep your UK account open, but it is best to check with your bank before moving.

Additionally, research the tax system used in Australia. Countries have different tax laws, and you must know the process as an immigrant. If you have an income, you must pay taxes in Australia. Luckily, if your relocation to Australia changes your UK status to non-resident, you do not have to pay taxes to your home country. Double-check if you are unsure to avoid problems later on.

5. Cost of Living

Consider the cost of living in Australia; can you manage it?

Many people argue that Australia is an expensive place to live, although the cost of living in Australia is relatively comparable to the UK. Where groceries are more expensive in Oz, transport is cheaper and more reliable. Additionally, income rates are fairly equal, yet housing costs in Australia are drastically higher than in the UK. Be sure to research the exchange rates and cost of living before you decide Australia is the country you want to move to!

6. Removals and Shipping

Finding an international removal company to help you pack up your home safely and effectively is important to consider before moving. Companies will have many different processes, including their shipping methods; these will be plane or ship for Australia. It is worth noting that when you send your domestic goods to a different country, they may incur an importation tax – finding a company well-versed in shipping to and from Australia will be time and cost-efficient. We recommend researching and finding a removal company with lots of experience and good relationships with Australia, as this will make your transition easier. Read our blog ‘How to Choose an International Removal Company,’ for more information.

7. Slang

Although English is the official language of Australia, Ozzies are known for their vast use of slang! Australians use hundreds of words and phrases in everyday conversations, so we recommend learning, or at least getting acquainted with, some of their words to avoid confusion.

8. Areas of Australia

What are you looking for in your new adventure? Cities throughout Australia offer various benefits, so considering what is important to you in your new home is essential!
Adelaide is good for food and drink; it is culturally rich.
Melbourne is the best city for culture.
Sydney has the best job opportunities
Canberra is the best location for settling down with a family.
Brisbane is ideal if you want to experience some rural life.

9. Size of Australia

Australia is massive – especially compared to the UK. This is something to consider before making your way to the land down-under! For us Brits, popping out to the shop may only take a couple of minutes, and you’re never usually too far from the closest fuel station. If you choose to relocate to a more rural area of Australia, be prepared to go the extra mile(s) to find local amenities.

10. Australia is very different from the UK

All countries have similarities and differences, and the UK & Australia are no exception. In Australia, there is a greater presence of banter, and the people are typically more friendly.
School years run with the calendar year, and their seasons (summer and winter) are the other way around in the UK!

Everyone has heard the stories about giant spiders and snapping crocodiles in Australia, but is it really something to be scared of? If you’re living in a city or built-up area, you are less likely to face some of the super-sized creepy crawlies; in the open, such as in the countryside, or by the sea, there are precautions such as signs and lifeguards. As long as you make yourself aware and follow guidance, there is nothing to fear!

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