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A Guide To The Best Countries To Relocate To From The UK

27th February 2024

Are you considering moving abroad but need help deciding where you want to go? Whatever your reasons or preferences, different countries can offer various things and help you choose your new destination. This blog will break down the top countries that Brits move to across the world, from Europe to Asia and America, and aims to inform you about what makes them so appealing.


Moving to Europe is highly favoured among Brits. Many European countries are just a short plane ride away, making it easy for Brits to relocate abroad and visit family or friends back home. Moreover, living in Europe provides an exciting place for your loved ones to visit.


France is a fantastic destination to consider relocating to, whether you are moving alone or with your family. The country’s unique culture, language, and way of life can be a significant adjustment, but it is also incredibly exciting. In France, you may experience a different pace of life, social customs and incredible food and drink. You can enjoy the city life, countryside, coast, and mountain ranges. The south of France offers the best fresh produce, fine wines and ancient sights, whilst cities such as Mulhouse, Orléans, Dijon, and Rouen are medium-sized with a diverse and open job market.


Many British citizens choose to retire in Spain, attracted mainly by its fantastic climate and laid-back lifestyle. The majority of the country enjoys hot summers and mild winters, making it an ideal destination for those seeking to avoid the cold and rain. Great food and wine, beautiful beaches, tranquil countryside and mountainous areas are also of great appeal. Andalusia offers 

stunning countryside away from the crowded coast and is close to villages and rustic towns. For those who enjoy the hustle and bustle of a city, Serville, Madrid, and Barcelona offer great job opportunities, lively culture and plenty to do!


Germany is an excellent option for anyone considering moving abroad. Its efficient public transport system and affordable living cost greatly benefit potential expats. The Cosmopolitan capital Berlin, and other cities, Frankfurt and Hamburg, provide amazing job opportunities. Germany’s position on the Baltic Sea offers stunning coastal and beach towns, while its rivers and mountains offer a perfect setting for outdoor adventures.

The Netherlands

The Netherlands is an excellent option for many UK expats; with its picturesque scenery of canals, the country has a well-developed public transportation system that includes trains, trams, and buses. The Netherlands is well known for its outstanding work-life balance, so it is a great location if you are looking to relocate abroad for work. Amsterdam boasts around 180 nationalities among its residents, and we can understand why! Surrounded by picturesque canals and plenty of green space, it is the perfect city for those with green fingers! Utrecht is one of the best locations to move with a family, as they have a great education system and direct access to several major cities. 


Asia’s economic growth and stability have made it an attractive destination for business and career expansion. In addition to the Four Asian Tigers, Japan, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates are very popular amongst British expats.


Whether you’re looking to settle in the peaceful countryside or enjoy the busy life of a bustling city, Japan offers both. Japan blends the traditional way of life with innovation; it is home to some of the most advanced technology in the world and is very different from the UK. 

Japanese society is known for its strong sense of community and friendly, polite people. Their healthcare system is also highly reliable, and the cost of living is generally lower than in the UK. However, work-life balance can vary depending on the industry and city, and it’s essential to be prepared to work hard to fit into Japanese culture and the workplace.

Tokyo offers unmatched job opportunities, and the residents are extremely welcoming to all nationalities. The culinary capital Osaka, is less populated than the Capital Tokyo, and has great links to other cities.


Singapore is a popular destination for expats from various parts of the globe. However, like in Japan, it is essential to be prepared to work hard since the competition in schools and workplaces can be intense. During your downtime, you can explore the breathtaking scenery, including botanical gardens, marinas, cities, islands, beaches, and countryside.

Singapore’s healthcare system is a combination of services funded through taxes and paid for by individuals and employers. The quality of healthcare in Singapore is excellent, which has resulted in a high standard of living for its citizens. Singapore is also known for its safe and clean neighbourhoods, making it an attractive place to live.

Holland Village is a popular location amongst expats due to its central location. It is very diverse and has a lot to offer when it comes to restaurants, bars, and shops. Serangoon is a popular community as it is a large residential area with easy access to international schools and is famous for its food and dining opportunities.

United Arab Emirates

If you’re looking for a cosmopolitan way of life, The United Arab Emirates is for you. As of August 2023, around 240,000 Brits were living in the UAE. Dubai, more specifically, offers exciting career opportunities due to its excellent economy and friendly business environment. Abu Dhabi offers expats an exceptional quality of life, with modern accommodation, great medical facilities, and plenty of international schools.

The quality of life is unique, emphasising the luxurious and culturally diverse. Whether working hard or enjoying time off, you can take advantage of the typically good weather and tax-friendly regulations.


Whether you’re moving for work, education, or to retire, America is a great place to relocate to from the UK. From the hustle and bustle of the big city, a tranquil life in the countryside, adventure by the ocean, or amongst nature in the mountains, there is a range of landscapes to choose from.

One of the most attractive qualities of moving from the UK to the US is the language – there is no need to worry about speaking barriers.

New York

In the ‘city that never sleeps,’ you can expect adventure, culture and a buy lifestyle. Depending on the industry, New York has a high average salary, evened out by the more expensive cost of living. 

New York City is a genuine global centre full of significant landmarks, museums and cultural events throughout the year. Each neighbourhood offers its quirks, and despite common misconception, it has a lower crime rate than most other cities of its size.


The Sunshine State is an ideal destination for UK retirees seeking an active and engaging lifestyle. The state boasts a large selection of retirement communities. These communities offer a variety of amenities, including golf courses, fitness centres, social clubs, and organised activities. In addition, Florida has a vibrant cultural scene with numerous museums, art galleries, theatres, and music venues. Cities like Miami, Orlando, and Tampa offer plenty of cultural events, festivals, and entertainment options for residents and visitors alike.

It is worth noting that Florida is one of the few states in the United States that does not impose a personal income tax and has a low cost of living, making it an attractive option for retirees looking to maximise their retirement income.


Colorado is the place to enjoy and immerse yourself in an outdoorsy lifestyle. With a wide range of landscapes, including mountains, high plains and desert lands, even cities such as Denver are surrounded by beautiful natural scenery. 

This state offers excellent job opportunities, quality education, affordable housing and diverse communities, providing an attractive place to move your family or settle down to start one. Popular places to settle down include Colorado Springs, with breathtaking scenery, affordable housing, and a low crime rate, Denver; with high-paying employment opportunities and plenty of amenities such as public transport, bustling nightlife and sports venues; and Fort Collins, which has a promising economy, providing a prosperous life for young professionals and families.


The Grand Canyon State is becoming increasingly popular with people looking to relocate from inside and outside America. With an already low cost of living, less populated cities, and masses of natural beauty, we can understand why it is such a hit. Arizona is not shy of recreational activities, and it is anticipated that with the vibrant job market and steady increase in economic opportunity, it has excellent potential.

The Northeastern area of Arizona has a cooler climate with cold winters and mild summers, whereas the deserts in the south are hot and dry. Boarding California, there is the option to explore the culture and vibrance of one of the most famous American states.

Scottsdale offers its residents vibrant culture and hospitality scenes, a strong job market, great schools, outdoor recreational opportunities and is only a short distance from the local airport. Tucson is surrounded by five mountain ranges offering dramatic landscapes and hundreds of miles of hiking trails, great for those who love outdoor adventure. The job market is stable and house prices are consistently reasonable.

Rest of World

If Europe, America or Asia are not quite what you are looking for, then why explore the rest of the world? With various climates, landscapes, cultures and lifestyles, you can find the perfect destination for your needs, whether moving for school, work, leisure or retirement.


Australia is typically most popular with younger travellers, and this trend is still seen in the average age of those who commit to the move abroad.  Despite this, it is still popular with retirees, with its robust healthcare system, high-quality life, great climate, and range of landscapes: beaches, cities, deserts and countryside. 

The education system is one of the world’s best for those looking to relocate with or start a family; extra-curricular activities are vast. Australia has a rich culture that can be experienced nationwide, consisting of friendly people and a relaxed lifestyle. When it comes to work, the economy is strong, and there are always great career opportunities.

Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide are the most popular cities in Australia to emigrate to, each special for various factors, including food, culture, job opportunities, wildlife and climate. Richmond, Montville and Hobart are all more rural locations ideal for outdoorsy types or those looking for creative outlets.

New Zealand

New Zealand offers the chance to enjoy the great outdoors and stunning cities without the hustle and bustle often associated with more densely populated countries. Full of modern and indigenous culture, there is much to explore and learn about in NZ.

As for the quality of life, New Zealand ranks highly due to its outstanding work-life balance, affordable housing and reliable healthcare system. On top of this, New Zealand consists of beautiful cities, mountainous areas, beaches and countryside. The weather varies from subtropical in the north to cool temperate in the south, perfect for year-round outdoor activities. 

Popular locations include Waikato for its rural beauty, and Hawkes Bay for its incredible food, drink and Suburban lifestyle.


Canada is a vast country with a highly developed, mixed economy, excellent career opportunities, and world-class education systems. For those looking to retire, healthcare is highly reliable, and neighbourhoods are very safe, resulting in a high quality of life. 

The north of Canada has a climate with cold winters and short, cool summers. The central southern area of the country has a typical continental climate— cold winters, hot summers, and relatively little rain. The mix of French and English also leads to a unique blend of rich culture to be enjoyed.

For families, or those looking to settle, Edmonton is a great location to settle in, with great schools and plenty of amenities. Victoria and Winnipeg are ranked highly for young professionals due to their vibrant job markets, affordable housing and social environment.

South Africa

Over 200,000 UK citizens live in South Africa, with ¼ of this figure coming from residents at retirement age. The more relaxed pace of life, lower cost of living and friendly people are most likely what attract retirees to South Africa. For those still working, SA has great career opportunities and a mix of peaceful and bustling cities to enjoy during time off. 

One of the greatest appeals to South Africa is its climate; desert and semi-desert in the northwest and subtropical on the east coast. Its wildlife has also made it popular, with visitors and residents looking to see The Big Five: Lion, Leopard, Rhinoceros, Elephant, and Cape Buffalo. Landscapes are varied: beaches, cities, grasslands, forests, deserts and mountains. With some of the best vineyards in the world located in South Africa, good wine and food will always be on the menu.

Cape Town has reliable public transport and healthcare facilities. As well as boasting a high quality of life, it is an economic hub with plenty of exciting opportunities. Clustered between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth, the Garden Route towns are ideal for expats and young families.


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